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Thread: I can't believe this is happening

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    Betheny is right. This could all possibly side effects from the medication. I hope all mends for your family.

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    Is it crazy that I envy the sister, even though she is temporarily psychotic? I would give a great deal for a sibling that gave a damn about me. She is so very fortunate.

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    It probably isn't much consolation when you look at your sister the way she is now but whatever it is that's causing this is treatable.

    It'll take them a while to get the balance of drugs right but when they do the affect is almost instant.

    Your job then will be to make sure she takes the right drug at the right time and on time because if she misses a dose it's back to square one.

    Best of luck with this and as the others have said you're a very caring person who she is lucky to have.

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    Thank God

    I just wanted to say thank you to all those who helped me with this just by listening. So ya my sister came home yesterday and she is her old self. She has a little ways to go though but you know times heals those wounds. She staying with us for a couple weeks os thats cool. I getta hang out with my little niece. Well thanks all, peace out and god bless.

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    I'm very happy she's back to her old self.

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    I too am happy she is home, she is lucky to have the caring family she has.
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    That's such good news to hear outdoorsman! The Best to you all and God bless you too!

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    I'm so happy to hear your sister is back to her old self.
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