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Thread: hard times, but can only hope for the best!

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    just a little ranting to clear my mind..well my dads got parkinsons hes had it for like 8-10 years i think. i've always wondered what hes going through. hes not working anymore and has no source of income and that must be depressing! he sleeps alot. hes been taking these meds but dont know if they're doing him any good and on top of that, his son (me) has got a SCI.

    we are your typical average family, still renting with hopes of one day buying a home. my moms a primary school teacher and im the middle child of three. younger sis and an older brother. ive always been the one helping out at home with my parents. cooking food for my mom and dad and just making sure they're fine.

    i miss looking after my parents cause the're getting old and being in this chair doesnt help much, the've been through alot. my mom lost her older sis last year and also my dad lost his younger sis and all this happened around the time of my injury and then earlier this year my mom lost her older brother. i try so hard to be strong, but man, someone can only take so much. I dont know wat its like for a parent to see thier son trying to cope with SCI but im sure it must be disheartening and to lose family also, must be difficult.

    i use to have some really depressing times, like for months id iterally stay in my room and never leave the house, but now realise how selfish at times ive been. cause wat i go through, my parents go through too, so i try so hard to be strong for my sake and theirs. i get angry at times and ask why us? and @ times question my faith! I know my family are thinking how im coping and im thinking of how they are coping wth all the dramatic changes.

    i really try and make things better by reassuring my family im OK and they need not to worry but sometimes im lieing, cause SCI can be a bitch, but u gotta work with wat ya got and move on. things have kinda mellowed out a bit but i know my family will never get over the chair and neither will I. just wish there was something i could do for my olds. this is the longest post ive written, but this seems like the only place i can release and i know that alot of you can relate in some way! thanks for listening.

    peace and love
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    being one year your senior in age and two years in SCI, I am taking the liberty of saying you're young and relatively new at this. Things will get better. I'm sure your parents will be happy to see you move on in life, even more so now.

    ok, short but sweet, right? i gtg

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