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Thread: WHOO-HOO! Craig's list works!

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    Smile WHOO-HOO! Craig's list works!

    I have never used anything other than the paper to sell a car. Today at 430 pm I posted a 1986 Jeep that had become an oversized doorstop due to the fact that the starter went out. I have another new Jeep, so I never fixed the old one. It was only used as a garden manure transport anyway. By 730 this evening I had cash in my hand and someone had a nice jeep to convert to biofuel. This was the first time I have ever posted on Craig's list, but I wont hesitate to do it again. Now the condo assoc will ge off my back, eh?
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    Last year I sold one of my Les Pauls on Craigs list. I couldn't believe how many responses I got, and how fast they came in.
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    That's where it typically find my caregivers. Either that or MySpace.
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    Thats great for you glad its working

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