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Thread: happy passover

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    happy passover

    Just wanted to tell all the Jewish people on here ..chag pesach sameach! I hope you will all enjoy your matzah. I really hope you all have a place for a Seder.

    yaakov tzvi

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    May you enjoy celebration of freedom with your friends, family and community, Sean.

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    Hey Sean, I'd just noticed you hadn't posted in a while, good to hear you're still around! Pax tecum....


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    Happy Passover to you too Sean. May it be a year of peace and prosperity for you.

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    I ate too much.......Happy Passover!
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    Thanks for the wishes.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Hard luck; Those are very funny videos! I have been singing "Matzah, matzah man!" all day now. Thanks for posting them.
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