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Thread: Documentaries You Would Recommend

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    There is this one I saw, and it was on CBC, but I can't remember if it was on The Lens, The Passionate Eye or DocZone. It was about a little boy who had a condition that forced him to age rapidly, and the documentary followed him as he prepared to die. It was beautiful. Has anyone seen it, and do you remember the title?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru
    Little Dieter Needs to Fly

    You couldn't make this up.
    For the story of Lt. jg Dieter Dengler's ordeal as it appeared in the 1966 Saturday Evening Post you can read it At this site under the "Special Feature" section. He was a Spad Driver extraordinaire.
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    "Why We Fight" is an awesome documentary about howw money is the reason for our wars.
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    An Amazing documentary on riding giant waves...

    Trailer here...
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    Kiran I think it's The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off from the Passionate Eye.

    I absolutely love the Documentary Channel and Discovery Civilization.

    Plenty of good suggestions here!
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    King Corn -
    Initially I thought this would be about 2 city kids learning about farming and all that goes into producing a crop, but it is sooo much more. They explore rural life, the cost of producing a crop, where the corn goes after it leaves the field and the effects this crop has on the health of our nation. It's amazing how much of our processed food has corn products in it.
    I highly recommend this film. It definitely made this farm kid think!!
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    No End in Sight.

    About how the Bush administration screwed up Iraq.

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    Here is a collection of short contemporary documentary videos on a variety of subjects.

    Media Storm

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    Discusses the real truth about hybrids, hydrogen and electric vehicles and how the oil companies and government feel about them.

    Walmart-High Cost of Low Prices.

    I saw these both on cable recently, along with the one Gotwheels mentioned. I liked them all.

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    The Future of Food

    A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
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