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Thread: Is it possible to unsubscribe a forum?

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    Is it possible to unsubscribe a forum?

    Is it possible to unsubscribe from an entire forum, such that the "New Posts" and "Today's Posts" features would not include posts from that forum? I've poked around and I don't see any way to do this, but perhaps I'm missing something.

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    I don't think it is, Zero.

    Steven's worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob2
    yes you can do ti in your profile/usercp.
    Or email the administrators about it.
    Steven is an Administrator.
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    The term "subscribe" is not applicable to the "New Posts" and "Today's Posts" functions. These are essentially search functions and not subscribe functions. You can easily tailor your own search. Perhaps Steven can help you do that. All you do is to search for new posts or today's posts in selected forums.


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