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NOLabs AB Reports Success in Fight Against Bacteria Causing Urinary Tract Infection

HELSINGBORG, Sweden, April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- NOLabs AB, the Swedish medtech company focusing on developing innovative
Nitric Oxide-containing medical devices, today reported that it has achieved
another important milestone in the development of a new preventive therapy
against urinary tract infection, UTI.

In experiments performed at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden,
researchers showed that technology developed by NOLabs AB proved to have a
high effectiveness in killing pathogens, typically for those causing UTI
including an aggressive strain of E. coli. Millions of patients annually
acquire UTI while being hospitalized for treatment of other diseases.
Preventing such infection has the potential to dramatically reduce the amount
of antibiotics used as well as improving quality of life for a large number
of hospitalized patients.

Goran Beijer, CEO of NOLabs says; "We are happy to have taken another
important step in developing products that have a huge potential to prevent
millions of UTI cases globally every year. The anti-microbial effect of NO
will be essential in a range of innovative products that prevent and/or treat
infection. We expect to have the first products on the market in early 2009."

Professor Peter Wiklund, Karolinska University says; "This new technology
has a huge potential to reduce the usage of Antibiotics and thereby the risk
of antibiotic resistance as well as reducing the risk of urosepsis, the
severest and potentially lethal consequence of UTI."

NOLabs is developing products that will prevent catheter related urinary
tract infections, products that will be effective on reducing neuropathic
pain and wound care products with an anti-bacterial effect.