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Thread: Benefits of standing?

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    Benefits of standing?

    My post got moved to equipment but my main question really is a care one. What are the benefits of standing, particularly in a work environment? I see that looking up at people all day is destroying my neck; and standing will help my circulation, osteoporosis, and pressure problems. Any other benefits, especially specific to work?

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    Good questions. I asked a similar one in a new thread "preventing bone loss" but haven't heard from anyone in the days since I posted it.

    Hope you fare better.

    It would certainly help your neck.

    Best wishes.
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    I would think that it would depend on the type of work that you do. (I am not being smart at all.) If almost everyone around you is sitting at a desk, then that would be the norm in that culture.
    You mention all of the good reasons for standing- however, is it easy for you to do at work? I know one young man who opted for the power chair that affords you the ability to stand since he was a lawyer and felt that his arguements in court were more powerful standing up. In the office though, he used the chair seated.

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    I am interested in learning the benefits to the paralyzed person that has an opportunity to use a stand up wheelchair. One doctor of mine says no real benefits and lots of cons. others say it is a good thing. I'm trying to find research out there to help me. Any help/ideas?

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    I would love to know, my insurance when I got injured bought me a standing frame. I haven't used it in a year or so, it is resting in the garage with 3 extra wheelchairs.

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    Helps me with spasms in my legs/maintains range of motion in ankles.

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    Definitely helps with spams, gives you a nice stretch. I don't really know if it is helping me with bone density. Couple years ago I asked for a bone density test and my doctor said you don't need a bone density test to tell you what I already know. That of course I've lost bone density. Gotta love doctors

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    The standing, even if starts for just a few minutes WILL do countless things you cannot even imagine. Things like coordination where some point you start to reach. There is no teaching to reach. It is an instinct. Wou will begin to challenge yourself internally to try "something else." Don't go in with a mindset of it will all work the first try. Some may, some many not. If you can notice why didi not, that will provide you soething you can work on and then another point forward in time, your body will tell you try again. Don't try a million things at 1 time. You will have a much better chance of success working on 1. Internally if you accomplish that 1, you willgive yourself credit and be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of time. Don't put a timeframe on success. Just work on success.

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    Standing helps the following:

    improves circulation
    helps maintain bone density
    helps with osteoporosis
    helps with pressure relief
    reduces spasticity
    helps with bowel and bladder

    Just to name a few and I try to use my standing frame daily.

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    Agreed with previously on health issues. And depending on type of work could be beneficial. I have a custom made stander that I use when I operate. It allows me the quick and necessary functions for general surgery. This allows me to still operate weekly and keep my surgical privileges.
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