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Thread: Is twisting to pee ok?

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    Is twisting to pee ok?

    I was told in rehab that bearing down to pee (valsalva) isn't a good method because it puts too much downward pressure on all the organs. I have now found that if I twist from side to side I can pretty much empty my bladder. Is that also bad for any reason?

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    It is not recommended because of the potential for reflux in to the kidneys. For those that half a sphincter that will release urine with press ure of 40 cmh20 or less, it is ok. Others, it can be dangerous and you aren't doing yourself a favor by doing it that way and it would be better to cath.When urodynamics are done they can test for that.


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    Is it true that you can die from straining (like an aneurysm or something)?
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    My last urodynamics showed flaccidity and no reflux. That was over 2 years ago, so its probably time for another.

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    The areflexic bladders (probably called the flaccid bladder) re the They typically have level of injury L4-S1, maybe a little higher but we have to have the urodynamics. They are the only ones we say it is ok to valsalva or push or strain in some way to empty.


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    is there a difference between letting urine just leak out into a leg bag using an external catheter and straining to void like the op said?

    or are they equal in potential longterm problems?
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    If you are leaking because of bladder uninhibited contractions or spasms, you are likely leaking with high pressures, which can be dangerous. If you have a flaccid bladder and are "overflow" leaking, that can be dangerous too as it generally means you are carrying a high residual urine, and you can reflux even without bladder contraction or spasm in that case.


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    I twist after the cath stops emptying just to get out any remainders or to start the flow of urine.
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