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Thread: please read--love through sci

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    please read--love through sci

    Please go to the following site:
    and under seach, type the name...glusko

    This is an article written about our ex-youth pastor and his wife when they were in Ohio prior to er accident. Regardless of your views on Christianity, theirs is a beautiful love story while dealing with her severe sci.


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    Hello Denny,

    Desperation Through SCI seems more fitting to me. And "a beautiful love story"? Love is a choice, not a guilt-ridden obligation. Senseless tragedies like this one make me a stronger atheist. What all-loving God would allow this to happen to one of His "flock"? She's been a devout Christian all of her life and this is the reward she gets for being obedient? Okay, she admits it, she wasn't perfect, she wasn't wearing her seatbelt when her reckless "come to the Lord lately" husband was fumbling around with his coffee cup instead of concentrating on the road ahead. But I'd venture a guess that the "wearing of seatbelts" isn't mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

    But boy, is she paying the price for the recklessness of another. Tell me why. Give me one half-assed reason why she is paying this "God-awful" price for his recklessness. He walked away without a scratch. Hmmm, I'm sure someone will comment that it's God's will or some such garbage a la a Job-like test for her to prove her full and unwavering faith in Jesus.... or God. Excuse me for not understanding that Trinity thing but no one has a sensible explanation for that big, fat, mind-bending enigma. I think the Catholic Church gave it the good ol' college try quite a few centuries ago that made about as much sense as how an all-loving God allows these horrific things to happen to good, decent people. Yes, I'm aware of the book by Harold S. Kushner entitled "When Bad Things Happen to Good People". Oh, never mind, I forgot about the "free will" clause in the Bible. BTW, can someone cite me chapter and verse so I can more easily find this "free will" clause and completely understand its ramifications? You know, the small print "whereas'" and "therefore's, etc.

    Wanna bet that she doesn't receive a miracle? As Denny Glusko utters:

    "All honor, glory and praise to the Lord."
    How delusional can one get?
    She was essentially who she is today. Quiet and gentle, although capable of quips that make her blue eyes flash. During the interminable expanse last year when Diana was silenced, incapable of breathing without the whoosh of a ventilator, her eyes became her sole means of communication. They conveyed everything from confusion to relief. But never a complaint, says Denny, who has yet to spend a night away from the woman he variously calls mom, grandma, my bride, DeeDee or, in their most anguished moments, "my poor child."
    Essentially the same? Isn't that stretching the word "essentially" just a bit?

    "But never a complaint" ?? That's a quote from Denny, the husband, who must be turmoiled with guilt and may be fudging reality just a tad. For a 59-year-old C-2 quadriplegic, who no doubt is still in shock, loaded up with pain and sedation medications and in total horror and disbelief as to what her life has been degraded to, this twisted assertion doesn't surprise me very much. She was always a "quiet person" anyway so a streak of semi-stoicism isn't unreasonable to assume. Let's give her a little time, after she moves in with her daughter Tracy and family and needs to fight with the insurance company for every damn diaper she'll be needing. Maybe she can bum a few off of her younger granddaughter if she's still wearing them. One can pray. But she sure ain't gonna be putting her arms around the 8-year-old granddaughter Marie and giving her a big, loving, grandmotherly hug. Praise the Lord. And let's wait for the neuro-pain to set in. Along with all the other niceties that come along after release from the hospital. And all those doctor visits that she'll be needing. Let's pray for a van with a lift. Or a used ambulance if she's not able to use a wheelchair. But more than likely someone will hold a bake sale or a 5K run and raise a few bucks to make them and others feel useful doing "God's work". How about God doing his own work?
    Denny and Diana plan to move in with their daughter, Tracy Lamb, and her family in Stafford. Tracy has two girls, and Diana had practically raised the 8-year-old. What she misses most is holding Marie. "I used to love putting my arms around her," Diana says.
    Denny Glusko leans over his wife, praying in the early morning hours before tucking into the wheelchair at her side for a short night of sleep. "We will go home when the Lord sends us home," he tells himself.
    NO! You will go to your daughter's home to live and only when the insurance company gets tired of paying for your wife's expensive institutional care. God doesn't have a damn thing to do about it or He wouldn't have permitted your wife to become a high quadriplegic in the first place.... aren't you getting it yet Denny!? What a nice retirement gift God hath wrought on your dear wife.
    When Diana left Kessler in August because her health insurance company decided she wasn't making adequate progress, she still was not breathing on her own and doctors there gave her little hope for ever doing so. Less than 24 hours after she arrived at Specialty, Leslie Kingslow promised her otherwise. The doctor kept his word.

    It was a miracle, Denny and Diana are sure, although one that required arduous weeks of weaning from the ventilator. And in December, a surgeon at Washington Hospital Center wired her with an unusual pacemaker -- for her lungs. He sutured two electrodes to the nerve that should trigger her diaphragm to contract. Radio receivers were implanted below the skin; above were taped rings and wires connecting to a dual-dial black box, much like the remote-control unit of a model airplane. All to circumvent the damage done in that one split second last spring.

    It is not a perfect miracle, to be sure. Diana says she often feels as if a straitjacket is squeezing her chest, a pressure-pain that can push her toward panic. Denny tries repositioning the pillows around and between her legs, straightening her listing shoulders, talking her down.
    How sweet, the "miracle" feels like a straitjacket frenzying her toward panic. It's a good thing her husband Denny is there to 'talk her down' because God is too busy putting another coat of red paint on Mars.
    "Denny, you have no idea. No one has any idea," she chides him. Her response is rarely harsher, never poisoned by bitterness or blame.
    What, she's going to be outwardly bitter and start casting blame on the person she now needs the most to care for her? She's not in much of a position to do ANYTHING!

    And NO! It's not a miracle, not even a non-perfect miracle. It's a rudimentary electronic and mechanical piece of hardware and software invented, created and manufactured for a profit by measly humans to help her breathe. Not by the almighty Hand of God. Why are people with good eyes so blind to see the truth of the matter? Or is it me who's so blind?
    Faith or not, since late February it had seemed that the insurance company had the upper hand. It balked over what it would pay toward the equipment Diana needs to stay safe outside the hospital, and the delay kept her in the hospital at a cost Denny doesn't want to calculate. He will face staggering bills on his own. Only in overwhelming fatigue does his voice edge toward despair.

    Last week, the impasse finally ended when he negotiated a bed and mattress and a key piece of monitoring gear -- the very basics. That cleared the way for Diana to be discharged as soon as tomorrow. It won't be in time for this resurrection Sunday. But close enough, says Denny.

    "All honor, glory and praise to the Lord."
    I think on this point we'll ALL agree. The insurance company STILL has the upper hand.

    But too bad they won't be "home" (at their daughter's home) in time for Resurrection Sunday or perhaps poor Mrs. Diana Glusko might be resurrected from her bodily living death on this earth and get the hell outta the cheapest hospital bed and mattress and off the cheapest respirator, etc. that their insurance company is willing to pay for and instead, be able to walk, urinate, defecate, etc. and breathe normally so she can enjoy her golden years with her husband, daughter and grandchildren. And give her little granddaughters great big grandmom hugs. And even those annoying, wet, "wipe-away" grandmom kisses.

    Sorry for the rant but these made-for-media "feel good" stories make me wanna puke. It's a damn tragedy of the utmost magnitude.... PERIOD!

    I wish the best for Diana Glusko and her family.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark
    Sorry for the rant but these made-for-media "feel good" stories make me wanna puke. It's a damn tragedy of the utmost magnitude.... PERIOD!

    I wish the best for Diana Glusko and her family.

    Well said Bob ~ I agree with you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark
    Sorry for the rant…
    Your anti-religion, anti-God, anti-faith, anti-miracle rant isn’t much different from the pro-religion, pro-God, pro-faith, pro-miracle rants, is it? I guess you do have something in common. Ranting!

    …But, at least you apologized for it. Let me do the same. I am sooo sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ala
    Your anti-religion, anti-God, anti-faith, anti-miracle rant isn’t much different from the pro-religion, pro-God, pro-faith, pro-miracle rants, is it? I guess you do have something in common. Ranting!

    …But, at least you apologized for it. Let me do the same. I am sooo sorry.
    Hello Ala,

    It wouldn't be proper to start a joust over religion here in the Caregiver's forum. I wrote what I believe needed to be written in regards to the topic posted here. These are my views and you can take them or leave them.

    And though we could take your disagreement over what I wrote down to the "Life" forum and prattle through it ad infinitum, I'm not biting.

    Let's just agree to disagree. You've had ample religious skirmishes with others here at CC in the past and we both know what a waste of virtual ink they all were. Preach to others if you feel so inclined.

    I freely admitted that what I wrote was a rant and your sarcastic apology has been duly noted.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    religion/delusional. they had to ask for forgiveness for their disobedience of the law. (not wearing their seatbelts)

    eeek. i stopped readying after that. just being yourself just hasn't crossed their minds, some will always be sheep.

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    What a bleak world some of you must live in....I feel sorry for you. To take a story like this and bend it around to try and support your negative opinions on God...very sad. I'm sure if you were to talk to the Glusko's, it would be them feeling sad for you. This was a nice reminder why it is pointless to start threads....SCI isn't the only disability here.

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    Accidents happen to anybody......even if you believe in God or not.....I never blamed God for my accident....things just happen in life....I still believe in God....Am not jumping for joy over it....but you have to believe in something....cause there is a life after this one.


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    Thank you Denny for sharing this story. I would have loved to have had that kind of love and devotion displayed to me from any single person ever, especially while in the hospital or rehab. Also, thanks for making this quote in your thread starter
    Regardless of your views on Christianity, theirs is a beautiful love story while dealing with her severe sci.
    Spiritual beliefs usually have strong opinions surrounding them, so don't let it ruffle you Denny
    "We're one but we're not the same. We get to carry each other" U2

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    Bob Clark,

    I don't believe the God in the Bible is a Trinity at all. I think that is a pagan concept that became established as orthodoxy over a period of time.

    Here is how I view it as described in the Bible: God is One. God is a Spirit. He is One Spirit. This Spirit was conceived in Mary, the mother of Jesus. Jesus is the incarnation of the spiritual God, the Father. Jesus is the Father robed in the flesh, His Son. The Son has a dual nature of human and divine. The Holy Spirit is not a third person in a Godhead, but is only another manifestation of the One Spirit, the Father, the Spirit of Christ. They're all the same Spirit. There is no triune god in the Bible. He is One God that manifests Himself in many ways.

    Trinitarians often ask me, then why did Jesus pray to the Father if Jesus is the Father? Well, the answer is very simple. Jesus was human as well as divine so the flesh was appealing to the Spirit. But make no mistake about it: Jesus was the Incarnation of Yahweh according to the Bible.

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