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Thread: When is it too much spasticity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423
    How do you use that? It looks a lot like a fes bike w/o the stim. Does it mechanically pedal and your legs kind of "follow" it?
    It will pedal for you (and detect spasms and adjust to settle them) at whatever speed you want.

    Or, if you have even the slightest leg function, you can spin the pedals yourself and increase the difficulty. Back when there was just a flicker of movement in my legs, I could spin in gear 0. The arm attachment is pretty sweet too, gives your upper body a workout and a stretch. I've heard of insurance approving the rather high cost.

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    Also, calcium and magnesium deficiencies are a cause of spasms and cramps (obviously SCI is the main problem here). I take a lower dose 2:1 cal/mag supplement every day and it helps. Taurine supposedly helps with the night-twitches but I haven't tried it. Staying hydrated helps too..

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    You guys probably tried this already but I'll throw out my sure fire spazz/tone fixes...

    Make sure you dont have to take a dump (or make yourself fart), that is the cause of unwanted muscle action in me. Not too sure if you guys are using the chemical method of pooping, but from my recollection my spazz/tone stopped dramatically after going to a reflex-type of pooping. I didnt do the chemical routine too much so I cant say for sure though. And finally, if tone is locking things up, take a deep breath and exhale fully, tone will subside shortly afterwards. This stuff works pretty good for me, no medications at all floating though my T6 system.

    Ok, end of my bizarre SCI tips.

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    @andy: reflex method? Can you DM me please?

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    My standing frame doesn't do a thing for my spasticity. The FES is the only thing that works for me and then only for 3 or 4 hours.

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    I would love to know I have the spams they trigger when go to transfer I just have to wait for them to relax fighting thelegs they win I lose. clonis at night wakes me up I feel like a vibrating machine

    I stand 6 days a week 1/2 hr iprone at night 1/2 hr tried to sleep prone but no go. I finally found a way to use my power trainer which I think will help at least it feels good on my legs but dam I am out of shape

    but I am going to keep it up

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