Scientists make Mice Walk After Spinal Cord Injury

Published Today | Research , April 2008 | Unrated

by Vladimir C. Murray

Have you ever wondered how we move our hand, feet and other parts of the body? It is through signals emanating from brain giving directions. But if spinal cord, the vertebral tissue connecting brain and lower part of spine, is damaged or injured, it effects our movements of limbs and in some cases other parts of the body leading to paralysis.

Injury to spinal cord results in nerve damage which is due to trauma or injury to vertebral column thus effecting brain’s signaling ability. Till recently doctors were of opinion that the only solution to making a patient with this kind of Disability to move his lower limb was to reproduce the long nerve linking brain and end of spine. But UCLA conducted a study for the first time showing that a new shorter path can be created by our nervous system to restore the cells required for moving lower limb.