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Thread: The Flu + BiPap

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    The Flu + BiPap

    I have the flu. My head is totally stuffed up, my muscles all ache, I have diarrhea and nausea and a splitting headache.
    I have 2 questions. What do people who sleep with nasal bipap do when they have a head cold? I had to go without it last night so now I feel even more exhausted and lousy. I also ended up sleeping tilted in my chair because I couldn't breathe in bed so I also have a very sore neck today.
    Also, how do you manage diarrhea? Do you just give in and put on a diaper? I can't get to the bathroom quick enough and I am home 5 hours during the day alone so during that time I can't get to the bathroom at all and if I have an accident I am just stuck sitting in it. My partner stayed home today to care for me but she has to work tomorrow so we need some kind of plan.
    I will also take suggestions of how to get well faster - I am suppose to be leaving for SCI step on Sunday and want to be 100%.

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    Imodium will help with the diarrhea. Take lots of water and sleep. Hope you will feel better soon.

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    can the flu cause dysreflexia?

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    My wife uses a BIPAP for sleeping. She has both a nasal mask and full face. She would use full face for mouth breathing if stuffed up. She also keeps a jar of Vicks at bedside table. A swipe of this under the nose is good for clearing nasal passages for a few hours.

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    I would suggest using a full face mask when you are congested. But you will need to get that from your DME company. Also, check with your physician to see if he wants to change any of your settings when you are on a full mask.

    I would tell you not to take the immodium. You need to get the bacteria out of your system and the only way to do that is to go. I would also recommend that you give your gut a rest for a day or two. Move your diet down to liquids and a few other things (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Make sure you are getting plenty of liquids - even more than you normally drink since you are probably losing fluids along with the stool. Tylenol can help with the aches.

    If you don't start to feel better in a day or two, please call your doctor.


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    Ah yes CFK, the BRAT diet. I sleep with a bi-pap, have for 15-16 yrs. I snort and blow my nose till it's clear, but eventually it does clear your nasal passages, and I have never lost a nights sleep, the bi-pap keeps it unclogged all night. But when ya wake in the morn, woaw, look out. Good luck with that. Oh and that dia problem, well, it DEPENDS.

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