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Thread: Look at me-I've been working hard!

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    Yes- In fact I 'm hearing LOTS of voices lately (quads tight , hips forward-tighten glutes, plant your foot, drive off your front leg). Hmmm.. is that good??

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    Darla, great doing. Some exercising is the best way, and if one think one gains returns that is also very good. I did some returns some times ago but now it is a stop. The “crazy exercise regimes” I have also quit, but still I do some exercises (aside of tendon stretching etc), cause it overall helps me, just a little exercise helps quite a lot I personally feel, keep it going, if you can.

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    Great job Darla, keep up the great work.


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    Darla, better ask your urologist to see if you could be a candidate. There's also info on pubmed (medical literature). I would not want to make a rec online, but definitely explore it with your doc.

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    Hi Darla,

    The video was great! I am happy for you. Keep up the good work. You had mentioned that you are using a walker and the therapist are blocking your knees to prevent buckle by that i would assume you are not using any leg braces? If that is the case, would that mean you won't be using it during this ambulation exercise? So i would assume they discouraged it as if it will only slow the progress?


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