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Thread: Poll: What vitamins do you take?

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    Poll: What vitamins do you take?

    I've noticed a lot of posts touting the affects of different vitamins and supplements on SCIs.

    How about a poll on what vitamins and supplements people take and why?

    Each day I give my L1 son:

    A multivitamin (no iron)
    Two 400mg Citrical calcium supplements to keep bones strong
    Two cranberry concentrate pills to reduce UTIs
    A vitamin C pill -- 500 mg for general good health
    A low-dose B-complex vitamin pill because I read it's good for nerve health
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    Are you giving him vitamin d with the calcium?
    He needs it to promote calcium absorbtion.
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    Women's One A Day.
    Iron occassionally.

    And from Fuente, Gold Standard Optimum whatever 100% whey protein shakes .. but not every day (I should, but I don't). 24g of protein.
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    Daily Supplements:
    Cranberry/Vitamin C
    Glucosamine Chondroitin
    Gingko Biloba
    Flax seed oil
    Vitamin B complex

    seems a bit excessive when I write it in a list like this, but I take no other medication and these seem to keep me in fairly good nick!

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    I take Fred Flinstones.
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    Vitamin C 500mg 2 times a day
    Cranberry 1 pill 2 times a day
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    One Centrum Silver
    Four vitamin C 500 mg
    One cranberry pill

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    Vitamin B Complex
    5HTP (as of yesterday)

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    Centrum multi vitamin
    and I have just started papaya extract on the advice of another thread

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    DuetDHA...they're the only ones I don't throw-up...

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