As someone who is concerned about global warming, exhaustion of resources, etc., I found this to be an interesting article suggesting that there may be more natural gas beneath the earth's surface than current estimates. At first glace, it seems that it would be great if true. However when you think of the CO2 emissions, it may not be a potential blessing.

From a Wall Street Journal article:

"Coal, oil and gas are "fossil" fuels, right? They are derived from ancient life-forms and are nonrenewable, stored energy, extracted from prehistoric sunlight. In the case of coal and most oil, this is obviously true: You can find fossil tree trunks and leaves in coal seams and chemicals in oil that come from plankton.
But there's increasing doubt about whether all natural gas (which is 90% methane) comes from fermented fossil microbes. Some of it may be made by chemical processes deep within the earth. If so, the implications could be profound for the climate and energy debates." Read the rest @: