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Thread: fes bike shorts

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    fes bike shorts

    hi all ,just looking for any advice? I've had a fes bike for several months now, and although i enjoy using it, the electrodes are a royal pain! they come off during transfers, and just in general are making the use of the bike quite awkward. i'm sure i've previously seen something about fes shorts/trousers that the electrodes can be fixed in to, but cant find it??

    all help appreciated. thanks.

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    i use to place my electrodes after i transfered on the bike.
    it worked better for me
    i didn't like the looks of the pants.

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    swany,i want the pants to try and make things easier, as i;m t6 and quite a chunky monkey,so putting them on my ass without help whilst positioned at the bike would be an impossibility??!!

    the pads are a time consuming exercise, and sometimes i feel a pain asking the wife to help me,so thought the shorts would possibly amke it so i dont need any assistance.

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    i agree i couldn't do it without help anytime.
    my level at c6 doesn't allow the finger action
    however, not being a chunky munkey, i can transfer
    take care

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    I think you are looking for stim-wear. All the info you need, including phone # is included on this order form. I hope this is what you are looking for..

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    Ooops that note was meant for james...sorry.

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    thank you sugar but i followed your link and it gave me a sizing form. when i tried the website of musclepower i was unable to find the pants products anywhere??

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    the bike shorts are much better. they are expensive and they'll tell you they only last about a year. I've used mine religiously for about 3 years though. they just have to be carefully hand washed. call James Schorey, he's an FES guy at 937-879-0734 and he'll hook you up, literally. Good luck.

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    jared, thanks for your info, I am getting an RTI300 in a couple of weeks, maybe the shorts will make it easier.

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    jared,thanks for the reply to my question, but i'm assuming you're in the states?? do you have a website or anything i can make contact through?? thanks,J.

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