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Thread: Future things for nerve pain?

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    Future things for nerve pain?

    I just wonder what the future holds if they are starting new things. I have read about the spinal cord stimulator that my pain managment doctor just gave me and frankly when I read this book. Thats all It took for me to say NO. I didnt even need to hear others storys. I am only 38 I know that new stuff comes out all the time and I do not like the leads being left in the spine no MRI's all the stuff that can interfere and scar tissue etc.

    I mean, It is well known all though we hope that it doesn't happen to us that we spineys have a very high chance of having the dominoe effect after having a fusion. So then we are ruled out of MRI's and have to be afraid of household appliances and medical procedures and all kinds of things in life. Hell I am a clutz as it is, I'd end up doing something drastic to myself.

    I just think there has to be upcoming things that could help with this nerve pain. I am this age, best case scenario with the stimulator I would be in surgeyr many many times for battery replacements. And then it still says no repetitive motions, acitivies etc so what is the point our activities are still greatly effected....I mean I know the point less pain.

    My point (I ramble) is new technology up and coming is there any?

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    There is some pretty good research going on. One of my favorites that I keep an eye on is with RTX (resiniferotoxin) that's being researched at the NIH.

    To get a good idea of some of the current research on neuro pain, check out the Neuropathic Pain Research forum here on Carecure.

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    They don't plan to bring back the guillotine, do they?

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Unhappy New Technology needed!!

    I went to several NS and was told by two of them that technology was not what it needed to be for nerve pain (no duhhh) and that they are about 20 years behind (again no duhhh).

    I search for the "miracle cure" all the time. Has anyone heard of new and upcoming trials?

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