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Thread: Sitting up all day

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    Sitting up all day

    Hey guy's, never know if this is where I should post or not......I'm in a transitional stage, I'm getting a power chair soon.

    Was wondering, I get tied, sore and stiff sitting up for longer than 2 - 3 hours at a time...I was just wondering, how people sit up all day in their chairs? don't u guys get sore? how do u cope
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    I have to get out of the chair at least once mid-day, to let my back stretch out and relieve the butt pain! All I can say is that it gets more tolerable with time. I used to be like you describe, 2-3 hours max.

    Do you have good hand control? One thing I do that helps is to maintain a wheelie for a minute or two every half hour.

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    I recline back in my wheelchair every 2 hrs.
    I still get tired late in the evening.

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    my butt bothers me if i don't move around and shift my weight. my neck sometimes bothers me too.
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    I do weight shifts every 15 minutes, stand everyday for a hour, and I use an Invacare Airflow cushion. I'm up for about 14 hours. Your cushion used is important. Good luck.

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    I die after 5 hours if I am inside and just sitting there. If I am in the town shopping and wheel most of the time I can sit there for much longer time. The chairs is not for relaxing, that is for sure.

    It is the back of the chair that is killing me, I will try to get another one, but I do not know if it is possible, I think only persons with scoliosis get a better back.
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    I constantly use my tip bars to relieve and shift.

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    Since am old....33 years in chair....when I first got hurt they didn't make a roho cushion so I used a gel type for years then got a small sore than doctor told me to get a roho....the roho is alot more harder on your for me...since you are always fighting for your balance....makes my back sore....but sore back alot better than a pressure sore....roho keeps you moving around which is good for blood sometimes I just lay down for a hour or 2 then am ok again for 4or 6 hours


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    if you are getting an electric, make sure to get one that the act lays down and that the seat itself tips.
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    I can be up for about 10 hours before my back bothers me. Like WFE said tho', if I am wheeling around my back doesn;t bother me as much as a day I am just hanging out. ALso transferring out of the chair, even if I am still sitting helps. A change of position I guess. But any longer than that I need to take a break.
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