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Thread: Deputies CAUGHT

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    Angry Deputies CAUGHT

    Things like this really piss me off Of all people, they should know


    The sheriff was appropriately outraged during the news interview.
    No mention as yet, as to what punishment might be offered.

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    I think the appropriate punishment would be the max fine out of their personal pockets and a public apology, chances of it happening again would be slim.
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    Tut tut.....bad boys. Go sit in the corner for 30 minutes, pay 300 dollar fine (at least if they're really standup folks then the passenger will offer to pay his half), here's a swift kick in the ass, now go and sin no more....

    That oughta turn out to be one heckuva expensive chicken lunch


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    does the usa not paint theirs blue? lack of plates? fake? but if not i hope they get their ticket.

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    off with their heads!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin_D
    does the usa not paint theirs blue?
    First time seeing a sign like that.. Thing I noticed 1st was no visible lines in the lot. They could be faded like 90% are around here. You guys should read some of the idiot comments on he link. Few saying he made a mistake.. Mistake? Idiots!! Won't be surprised to see this jerk get nothing.

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