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Thread: Best wheelchair for college

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickhemi
    This is just the imput I've been looking for! You folks are great.

    I hear you on the power chair idea. VA Tech is a hugh campus and the Office of Student with Disabilities even said that it's a somewhat tough campus for wheelchair users, but Sarah wants to major in Architectural Engineering and that limits the schools considerably, for instate anyway.

    Switching to power chairs, any recommendations? She not real happy about this option, hoping to use her car instead, but it's worth looking into.

    Scott, any VT specific info is much appreciated.
    Hi Rick,
    I've been living on campus (a hilly one) for two years now. I have a Quickie Ti chair and have e-motion wheels and let me tell you they save my life. Last semester I went about 2 months without them (they were broken) and it made life quite difficult. I couldn't have been happier the day they came back.

    Let me tell you though, there are drawbacks. They malfunction occasionally and I never feel like I can fully rely on them. When they work, they are amazing, but just like anything when there are more moving parts there is a greater risk of it breaking.

    Second drawback- the weight. Luckily, a lot of chairs can have the wheels interchanged between them and regular wheels if you need to have less weight for whatever reason. She will most likely not be able to change them by herself though.

    Let me know if you have questions. I'll help you out in whatever way possible man, you're the one who got me out to CA remember.

    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    Thanks for all the input!

    It's been very beneficial and I think we've decided on a Lasher MG. I was able to speak with Bill Lasher yesterday for about 15 minutes or so and like what I hear. But current production time is 2-6 months.

    Now the hard part is getting to Alaska to be properly fitted for one of these gems. Perhaps a summer mini trip, or wait until 9/08 for a trade show in Minn., which is a bit closer to our home state of VA.

    Right now, Sarah wants to try life in college in a manual only. We'll see how that works out.

    Hi, Darren! Great to hear from you again.


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    You're a cool dad, Rick.

    Why is it suggested to have Lasher do their own fittings? Their frames aren't any different than other manufacturers' in terms of measurements...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gian124
    I have a video of my Mg-A on YouTube, from the text book I just helped to make (well, video from the DVD accompanying the text book).

    I assume this is you. Searching for "Lasher Sport" only pulled up one result.

    Can you take a closeup shot of how those Ds Locks are mounted?

    Looks like a great setup, regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    You're a cool dad, Rick.

    Why is it suggested to have Lasher do their own fittings? Their frames aren't any different than other manufacturers' in terms of measurements...
    Thanks, but would you mind telling Sarah that, lol. I think she forgets just how cool I am.

    Bill Lasher didn't necessarily suggest it, I just told him I didn't trust Sarah's AB med supply guy, he agreed and told me a big reason why he started Lasher Sports was due to AB's not getting it right. Bill's been in a chair some 22 yrs. and his passion for these creations are quite evident.

    By visiting his shop, Sarah can check out the chairs and all the options available. Since these chairs are somewhat 'custom' built, I'd entertain using some 'built-up' air miles and go for a little trip to eskimo country. Have some fun with it, right?


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    I can tell her... seriously, if my dad put half your effort into helping my life at college be a little easier, aside from financially, I'd have loved it. Plus, I'm over in the 'mond every so often... I'll letcha know.

    Gotcha re: the measurement issue. My best fitting chair was the last one I ordered, which I didn't consult a "professional" (*cough* AB *cough*) about. I share Bill's sentiments, as do others here.

    A trip to AK would be awesome. I joke with my girlfriend about just going up there sometime for fun. Do it!

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    rgk want to measure you themselves too, even if you know it already. and i assume the north american guys do the same thing. its because every measurement is stepless. they take months to build too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by amyk
    its because every measurement is stepless.
    what does this mean?

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    the different dimensions arent in 1 inch (or 2cm as is usual here) increments, they can be anything inbetween. same for angles - like on my old rgk style, i originally preferred the look of a 90 degree front, but the guy measuring me thought a lower angle might be better for me, and we compromised at 87 degrees. the guys working there and doing the measurement are all end-users.

    when i was shopping for my current chair (tilite) i spoke to a friend of the family here in dublin who use to work for invacare. he said that when he used to go to seating symposiums/trade shows, almost every single vendor who was an actual chair user had an rgk behind the scenes, and only broke out whoever they were employed by for the public exhibition! and i still chose a tilite........i was going to go rgk (maxlite or hilite probably) but i didnt want to wait 4 months.

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    gotcha. I just wasn't certain what you were referring to. 87 vs. 85 vs. 90 for a front seems a little odd to me, as 85 and 90 aren't THAT different, but to each their own... can't argue against that.

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