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Thread: finally i am back at work

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    finally i am back at work

    after 3 years i am back at work,working full time as a dental surgeon in my own office in kingston is so much better i now hardly have time to stop and think about sci.i am no longer as depress as i use to be.

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    Congratulations!! Tremendous!!

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    Sounds like a real success story to me. Good for you!!
    - Richard

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    getting back to work help with my therapy and depression. I feel very lucky to be able to do so.

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    as one sidelined by a pressure sore and three unsuccessful surgeries, i celebrate anyone making it back. i miss work and activity in general.

    best of luck at maintaining a healthy routine.

    i'm happy for you

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    Congratulations. Work is good for taking your mind off this shit isn't it? Nice to be able to concentrate on something(anything) else for awhile.

    It might be helpful for others if you post what kind of changes/accomodations you did/needed to be able to go back to this type of field. I am a desk jocky so was easy for me, yours sounds like it may have been a little tougher.
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    Good work. I definitely find that work keeps my mind off things, and boosts my self-esteem at the same time.

    How is the environment for SCIs in Jamaica? Is it relatively barrier-free?

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