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    Cool dig-stim

    Is there a certain amount of time you should do dig-stim?

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    Of course there are a lot of factors and everyone is different but each "stim" should be for a minimum of 1 minute and repeated until nothing comes or most do it at least 3 times if no signs of distention or problems. Past 4 times an enema or other intervention might be necessary.Of course, could be more at times. We sya defnitely no more than 6times.


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    The person doing the dig stim doesn't consider me done until after three clean stims, but, as I posted in a new thread, three of the past four time, a little more stool was passed a few hours later, which is not usual for me.

    I also have gas, and none of the anti-gas meds seem to help.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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