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I am a 28/m C5 complete quad and 10 years post injury. I haven't had a job since my accident but have been offered an at home position that basically involves answering in bound phone calls for 30 hours a week @ $8.00. I receive SSDI and I'm unsure of what to do or where to go to figure out what I need to do about having a job. I've read about making paybacks and other things that have me a little scared. I just want to cover the bases before I start any type of work that would come back and bite me in the ass. Thanks for anyone that responds to this.....J
Ticket to Work program will allow you to earn appoximately 22k w/o losing your Medicaid/Medicare benrfits. You can keep the necessary PCA care provided by Medicaid/Medicare. Your cash benefits may be suspended if you earn too much money but will be reinstated if you lose your job. You simply notify SSI or SSDI and they will be reinstated the next month.
SSA wants to eliminate the fear those with disabilities have about losing much needed supports such as PCAs etc.If you earn over 2 1/2 times the SGA amount which is around 22k,you can buy in to your state's Medicaid program for around $12 mo. depending on the state.
You need to talk to a rep at SSA or your vocational rehabilitation office.Many people with back injuries are returning to work as they don't fear being terminated from SSDI and losing insurance coverage. Unfortunately,most people in chairs are not taking advantage of this wonderful piece of legislation. Ticket to Work will do much more to improve your life than the ADA ever will do!