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Thread: Condom caths

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    Condom caths

    Leakage is a huge problem. Every time my L1 son moves, he leaks. No fun. Depends aren't cutting it.

    What can anyone tell me about condom caths? How much do they hold? How often do they have to be emptied? Are they comfortable? Etc.

    He had a urdynamics study 3 months post and was told to IC. Leaking wasn't a problem so much then because he was so weak and couldn't move as well as he does now.

    Now, every time he flexes his abs, he leaks. No fun. He's really frustrated with the situation. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    An external condom catheter (ECC) come in one of several types. The easiest to use is a one-piece self-adhesive. There are also two-piece which include a double sided strip to apply to the penis and then roll over with the condom. There are also reusable condom type urinals that fit on sort of like a jock strap. We used to make condom catheters out of regular non-lubricated condoms and latex tubing, but this is pretty much becoming a lost art.

    All of these are designed to catch urine and then channel the urine into a drainage bag (just like one used with an indwelling catheter). This can be a bedside type bag or a leg bag worn under clothing. The condom itself does not contain urine, and if the tubing should kink and make urine stay inside the condom it will invariably leak or fail.

    There are a wide variety of brands. I would suggest that your son either get with a rehab nurse who really knows the products, or try a several different brands and styles. They can all be used with the same leg or bedside bag. I recommend avoiding the latex types as latex allergy can result.

    Look at these popular brands:

    Rochester (Wide Band or Ultraflex)
    Mentor Active Cath or Clear Advantage
    Conveen Security+

    The skin of the penis should first be protected by the use of a wipe such as Shield Skin, 3M Protective Barrier wipe, or Skin Prep. Avoid using moisturizing soaps to wash the genitals as that can lead to leakage.


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    condom caths

    How much fluid does the bag hold?

    Can everything be easily removed and replaced to IC?
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    Bags come in all sizes, just look at the size before you buy it.
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    How much does he leak? Is it enough to just dampen his clothing, or is it a flood? A drip collector may be sufficient for the former, but not for the latter.

    There are both vinyl and latex bags. You can get leg bags that hold as little as 12 oz. and many that hold 32 oz. or more.

    If he wears it all the time, the external may be problematic as you must remove it to do intermittent cath, and this can be expensive (most are not reusable) and tough on the skin. Hollister makes one that has a removable tip so you can just take that part of to cath, but I have seen problems with skin with this as it is a hard piece that can cause sores on the glans if the man does not have good sensation.


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    condom cath

    It's usually a flood.

    Are there other options?

    We're only 14 months out and with him still seeing functional return (he's got weak muscle movement into the lower leg and top of the foot and that wasn't detected until December) so surgery isn't an option yet since B&B return could still happen. He wants to wait a couple years before even considering it. He can tell when his bladder reaches about 400 and when he needs to empty his bowel (which he can do on his own-- no supp.). He just can't control the sphyncters. Would biofeedback help?
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    If he doesn't regain use of the nerves that control the sphincters, he could get an AUS-. artificial urinary sphincter. If he has fundcing- they are pretty expensive. The Interstim is also the newest thing but may not be for him.


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    condom caths

    At this point, I'd be willing to learn the lost art of making them out of regular condoms and tubing.
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    Has he tried the Liberty Pouch catheter by Bioderm? They are really helpful on the phone and will send out samples to try.

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    condom catsh


    I will give them a call in the morning.
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