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Thread: Question for Dr Wise - T7 Hemangioma

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    Dr. Young,

    I now have more questions. My mother has aggressively excercised at home and at rehab daily and has shown great improvement. She has greatly improved control of bowel and bladder and her movement in the legs and hips have improved. Since late October rehab has been focusing more on trunk control rather than stepping. Part of this has included electrical stimulation on her back.

    She had a new MRI last week and we met with the Neurosurgeon yesterday. It shows slight growth in the hemangioma and Kyphosis in the area of the posterior decompression. Her previous MRI was in July and did not show anything substanial. He has sent her for more xrays and sayes he wants to discuss with other doctors what their opinions are in treatment. He said he would also contact Dr. Sonntag again. He stated that because of the improvements she has made this has caused new problems. He said his suggestion maybe surgery to put rods above and below the T-7 area to stabilize the spine and possibly remove the hemangioma. He said it would be two major surgeries back to back.

    She has worked so hard to get back what she has recovered and doesn't want to risk losing it. She is determined to walk with a walker. She is 66 but you would never know it. So what questions do I ask? What are the risks of doing nothing? Would kyphosis prevent her from walking?

    Having this site to go to is most comforting - thank you for being here.

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    I thought I would update the thread incase anyone else may find the info helpful.

    My mom's hemangioma had continued to grow and she was visiting the idea of attempting surgery again. We went to Barrows to meet with Dr. Sonntag for an opinion. He suggested that she find out if she was a candidate for cyberknife before attempting another surgery. She was a candidate for cyberknife and had the procedure done at Cleveland University with Dr. Macunus and Dr. Einstien. She had her 3 month followup and the tumor has stopped growing and has shrunk. It is no longer compressing her spinal cord. So far she has had no side effects from the procedure.

    She continues to go to rehab 2 to 3 times a week but no more big improvements. She recently saw a rehab dr at the Mayo clinic that encouraged her to not live her life in therapy and take her pain meds.

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    Great news! Thanks for the update.


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    Just reading these posts from last year and very interested to hear more.

    My 14yr old son has lived with a hemangioma in the chest cavity since birth. Over the past few years we believe the mass eroded the dura causing a CSF leak and Chiari/Syrinx. He suffered with headaches and started losing feeling in finger tips. After numerous unsuccessful blood patches to seal his leak we had to operate. His Chiari was decompressed and leak at T4 sealed but afterward had no feeling from chest down. Apparently the hemangioma bled and injured the spine.

    He is still recovering at MCV/VCU in Richmond but we are getting ready to move to Kennedy Kreiger for rehab.

    Is there something else we should be doing at this point? Decompression surgery? His neurosurgeon is Dr Ann Ritter, should I contact Dr Jane?

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