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Thread: We are back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp
    Glad ya got it back up.

    I don't mean ta sound bad but what kind of set up do ya have? I run mirrored raid arrays at the dental office. When a disc goes bad, it continues to run, I go there, replace the disc, tell it to rebuild the array and go home.
    Someone asked that question on my site as well, and I must admit, I was also under the impression that a RAID array was there to stop data loss.

    I must confess, when someone asked if Carecure had heard of a RAID Array, I couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the following image!

    Attachment 21317

    Great to hear you didn't lose any data, there would of been a big hole to fill in the SCI forum, as it's a great resource to reference.

    Good to see you back,


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    Thanks to everyone who works so hard to keep CCC up and running.

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    CareCure was down? Huh, hadn't noticed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin
    CareCure was down? Huh, hadn't noticed...
    Mimi ... it must be those secret listening devices attached to the Internet into Israel! NAH ... "We're back"! Willliam


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    Dr. Young, Steven Edwards and others who help keep this site running; Thank you!! I was getting concerned that the site was finished...I needed my care/cure daily fix and I couldn't get it. I was sweating, shaking and getting the "Joneses". No really, I'm very happy you guys got the site up and running again. I very much enjoy dropping in here everyday and checking out the topics, posts and comments.

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    Hooray! Thanks to all who had any part in resurrecting CC.

    Wonder what the spammers did while CC was down?

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    thanks ya'll.

    and....WHEW!!!!!! man was i jonesin'.

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    Glad to have the web-site back up.

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    Be honest Dr.Young, tripping over the power cord isn't that embarrasing. The 'ol hard disk crashing sounds more convincing.

    Just glad you plugged it back in.
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    Glad to have CC back. Thank you all for everything.

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