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Thread: We are back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    I apologize for the long down time of CareCure. This is the longest time that CareCure has been down in its entire history. What happened? Last Friday, the server indicated that one of its RAID disks has been corrupted. On Monday, we scheduled a maintenance break to fix the corrupted disk. It turned out to be unfixable. In order not to lose any data, we sent the disks out for data recovery. They just finished and restored the data. We received the disk this afternoon.

    Steven Edwards is still looking through the site to make sure that everything is working but, in the meantime, CareCure is now up again. I deeply apologize for the site going off line like that.

    Wise ... Steven and everyone else who worked so hard to return CC to the world .. a GIANT thank you!

    I hope that the mods and admins all got some well deserved rest from monitoring our family in-fighting.

    I didn't realize that missing CC WAS ... as a thread reader, a lurker or as a poster was an addiction possibly requiring outside intervention.

    This was harder to go cold turkey on than some of the meds I have used over the years.

    Now I can cancel my shrink appointment!

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    Thanks for all the hard work getting it fixed, in some ways I'm glad it was down for a bit, made me realise I spend way too much time on here. Not dising the site or anybody but just saying its good to step away from the computer & online life & get back to real life.

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    Thanks to everyone who worked to get the site back up!

    Yeah... I come here everyday and was going though withdrawal for sure....

    Thanks again!


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    Thanks to all of you that keep this gig up and running.
    I knew I could count on my old New Brunswick gang to fix it up.

    Be Big,
    L4/L5 CES

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    Glad ya got it back up.

    I don't mean ta sound bad but what kind of set up do ya have? I run mirrored raid arrays at the dental office. When a disc goes bad, it continues to run, I go there, replace the disc, tell it to rebuild the array and go home. No data loss danger at all, that is what a mirror is all about, redundancy. I shut down the computer for the time it takes to pull the drive and swap one, 5 minutes max. No stoppage of operations. That would be unacceptable there.
    But then again, I build them (pcs ) I'm forced to run XP on them, the dental software isn't ported to any other OS but windERz.

    I assume you guys are NOT running RAID-1?

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    glad to see it up and running again!
    did every one make it through the withdrawls okay?

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    Hey da seid Ihr endlich !

    Thank you for the hard work


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    Like Canuck, I welcomed the break actually. The weather cooperated and it's been a nice early start to spring.

    Don't downplay how much you do around here Steven!!! Thank you Ron Hart and thank you Dr Young. *mwah, mwah & mwah!*

    Who bears these costs? Is there anyway we can help?
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    Thanks to all those who brought careCure back.

    I missed it horribly while it was gone. My heart sank every time I checked back only to find it still wasn't back.

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    Thanks guys. It's much appreciated! Now to get back to researching those R&S forums...

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