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Thread: We are back!

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    We are back!

    I apologize for the long down time of CareCure. This is the longest time that CareCure has been down in its entire history. What happened? Last Friday, the server indicated that one of its RAID disks has been corrupted. On Monday, we scheduled a maintenance break to fix the corrupted disk. It turned out to be unfixable. In order not to lose any data, we sent the disks out for data recovery. They just finished and restored the data. We received the disk this afternoon.

    Steven Edwards is still looking through the site to make sure that everything is working but, in the meantime, CareCure is now up again. I deeply apologize for the site going off line like that.


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    Dear Dr. Young and Steven,

    Thank you for the long hours and hard work you put into this endeavor. It is greatly appreciated. I admit I have begun to take CC for granted, and it was such a loss when I realized how much we all use the website for communication and for information. Thank you again..

    Steven...when are you coming to D.C.? The day you do that is the day I buy accessible housing...


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    Kudos to everyone getting the site back operational. I really, really appreciate everyone's dedication in making sure we have a place to communicate. Kind of surprised how much I realized I enjoyed coming to this forum after it went down. One more thing that I didn't know was so valuable until it was gone.

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    No apologies necessary! We all appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in to make this site available to us. I know a lot of us realized just how much we depend on it while it was down.
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    High 5's guys...

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    thank you so much dr.young and steven .....this site is a treasure for disabled patients .god bless you.
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    Thank Wise and Ron Hart, guys.

    I appreciate the kind words, but they are the two who did the hard work at the lab. I am still in SC, so I had no hand to play in this fix.

    Thanks Wise and Ron.

    [Mary, email me. ]'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Edwards
    Thank Wise and Ron Hart, guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DA
    High 5's guys...
    Heard rumours that some from the McCain campaign supporting camp was infiltrating the hard drives creating this, now that Obma will be the president and Al Gore will be the vice president. High fives to stop their server attacks.

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    Thank You for getting the site up and running again. It was missed.
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