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Thread: My first Mac

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    My first Mac

    Well, I got my very first MAC after years of Microsoft...I have a of many I am you MAC users have virus protection...if so, what kind?
    I read that you do not need to add virus protection..Is that true.


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    No, right now you don't need too.

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    Congrats Aspen! Welcome to the Mac club!


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    Got my mac last November and have not looked back. I love it!

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    Well done ... I only look back when some wierd program from school won't work on my MAC and I don't have time to write a new set of scripts to use it and I am forced to use Mr. Softie ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bookjunky
    Got my mac last November and have not looked back. I love it!
    me too last thanksgiving. im from ohio too!

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    Thanks for the answer, PatonB....and thanks for the encouragement all others. It is a little tricky but I think I too am going to love my MAC


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    Congrats on your new Mac! The DNA between PC and Mac is about 98% the same. Therefore, the learning curve is not too steep. It's like going from tennis to ping-pong.
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    Ahhh, once you go Mac you never go back! I have been on a mac since the early 90's and wouldn't use anything else. All the viruses out there are geared to attack the PC platform, so most Mac users are pretty safe.

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    Welcome to the world of Mac!

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