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Thread: 32 year old son after C4/5 injury in Mississippi

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    32 year old son after C4/5 injury in Mississippi

    I just received this in email from somebody who wrote this email. I encourage her to post her questions here so that people can help and respond.

    Dr. Wise's intro said u didn't have to register to ask questions on the new sci forum. I am not computer saavy. I don't know if I stumbled onto the right place to post this problem.
    My 32 yo son was injured in an mva April '07. C-4 burst c-5 fracture. c-3 to c-5 fusion. In a trauma unit til July 9. The night b-4 he finally had movement below injury, 2 fingers on his right hand. Diagnosed at trauma hospital and after rehab as complete. He can now raise his right arm at the elbow, and flop his hand on his face in an attempt to scratch, moves toes on right foot and can shake his foot at his ankle. Has feeling in most of his body, being able to feel if you're touching him. He is not receiving any kind of therapy, Medicaid doesn't feel there's enough progress. When I straighten his legs out after a spasm, they jerk out of my hands flexing up to his chest, when his arms spasm his fingers vibrate against the bed. Lately every time we touch him his body twists from the spasms. The doctor we have hasn't been much help in treatment. I wonder if he takes too much medication, or not enough, where I can find out what type of exercises to do with him, how t
    o find a doctor. We also have a psyiatrist who says he helps in rehabilitation, but has given us no info. We live in DeSoto County MS which is just south of Memphis TN. I'll give more info if u ask. Thank you.

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    There are other physiatrists in the Memphis area. In MS I am only familiar with the rehabilitation facilities in Jackson which would be some distance from you. Will MS Medicaid pay for care in TN??

    Here are some physiatrists who work in Mississippi. There are several in Tupelo...are you close to them?:

    Here are some in Tennessee (also call Baptist Memorial Rehab for a referral):

    What medications is he taking, and how much? Were you instructed in how to help him with range of motion exercises? Does he have access to a standing frame? Have you appealed the Medicaid denial of any therapy?


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    I have some resources in Memphis if you have not found info yet.

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    Good to see the site up and running. Thanks for inviting me to register.
    The physiatrist has been responsive to my questions and Rx needs through his assistant. I am just not sure what he meant when he told us he was there to help with my son's rehab., because he hasn't talked about any rehab. I had called him to report that my son's spasms have increased, he upped his Tizanidine to 30 mg. from 20. I called today to say that that hasn't helped. I'm waiting for a call back.
    His medicines are: Baclofen 25mg 4x/day, Tizanidine 30mg over 4x/day, Ditropan 10mg 3x/day, Prevacid 30mg 1x/day, Paroxetine 20mg 1x/day, stool softener, laxative 1x/day. I also give him Vit. A&C, B50 1x/day, Calcium, magnesium, vit E and Fish Oil sporadically over the week.
    Tupelo is 1 1/2-2 hrs. away. My son did his rehab at the Methodist Hosp. in Jackson MS.
    I do believe that MS Medicaid would pay for a Dr. in Memphis if that's the only place to get treatment.
    He was doing outpatient rehab at Baptist Memorial in DeSoto County. Medicaid did not formally refuse us therapy. After the last Rx time was finished, the OT sent in an eval. She told us that if they didn't see much improvement, they may not set up any more sessions, until he had more return. I called Baptist and asked when he could start again, the admin told me to get another Rx and we would start the process again. When I spoke to the physiatrist's assistant I asked her for that Rx also. I do not remember if I saw a standing frame at the rehab gym, other than that, no he does not have access to one.
    Yes we did learn how to do range of motion at the rehab in Jackson. We don't do it every day because a lot of times my son tells us not now.
    I have told him about this site and tried to convince him to check it out but he has said no. One time he did say yeah, but he never asked about it when he was on the computer. He has just bought a notebook and a voice activated program, so he is able to check e-mail and get on line.
    I just think that I should be able to do more to help him get the help he needs, but not sure what that is or where to look.

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    Please encourage your son to do ROM at least a couple times a day. It's probably not very comfortable for him, and may even be painful. The ROM should help his spasms decrease. Also welcome to CC
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    Yeah, try waiting a schedule, let him pick 2-3 x a day. In the long run, he will be glad he did, it will cut down on spasms & other contractures he could get in the future.. If he has pain or it is uncomfortabe, give him some Ibuprofen or something before ranging.

    Is he a vet???
    What about Alabama? Is that close? I know they have a big neuro service there & should have good rehab.


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    Smile you can help him

    This is my very first posting so I hope I don't ramble. My husband was in a car accident May 19th 2006, as we are about to hit our two year mark. He is 33 yrs old. I just want to tell you that if you are willing and he is willing to let you there is so much that you can do for him yourselves. They kicked my husband out of therapy at one year. They told him he was as good as he was going to get . HA So I started looking at every internet site that I could find that showed any type of excerise for quads. I made my own mat out of two by fours and ply wood extra foam and a vinyl cover. We started working out every day and he has just come so far. He was diagnozed a c4 complete however we had him reevaluated and he is up to a c7 incomplete. He can sit up on his own on the side of the mat and throw a 5 lb ball, lift his arms over his head, and so many other things they said he wouldn't do. We hope by the end of the summer he will be able to get his drivers license. Also the spasms will get better with the workouts and the least amount of meds the better! Your son has such potential as my husband has barely any feeling below injury site and wow if he can move his foot at the ankle oh my! I would love to give you a copy of our workout if you would like it! You need to make a plan and get to work there is sooo much hope.
    God Bless you for loving him enough to find help

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    I couldn't read Carecure for a year. I knew it was there but when I tried, the reality was more than I could deal with. It just poked my denial balloon too hard-wasn't ready for the reality yet. Probably perfectly normal.

    Tell him that we (the pros!) said if he doesn't like the spasms he'll let you do the ROM. He's lucky he has somebody willing.

    My experience was, when I learned to control the spasms thru ROM etc. I could cut down on the spasm drugs, which gave me strength to do some exercises, which cut down on the spasms more. Not for everybody but worth a try. The spasm drugs do decrease your strength. I think he needs to be working those fingers with every fiber of his being.

    1 finger can make the diff between driving a powerchair or sip'n'puff. My friend felt it was a big deal to be able to drive her chair, I remember.

    The less spasm meds and more exercise, even tiny or pasive ones, the easier it will be to manage his bowels, also. Seems to me there's a lot of potential there.

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