Hi im new here and this is my 1st post.
I was hopeing some one might could help me or mabye know whats going on.

My sisters been sick for almost 6 weeks now and we have been to the emergancy room 3 times and to our family dr. 2 times.

1st they said its a urainary tract infection after looking at the sample.
But they gave her bactrum and after 7 days she was still sick so i went back and they put her on penicillian for 10 days. After she was still sick running a fever of around 99-101.

Next they gave her iv of leviquin and then Cypro for 2 weeks and its almost finished but shes still running a fever of around 99-100 it goes up and down some times normal for 1 or 2 days then it comes back.

(She doesnt have any symptoms at all other then the fever and mild hulocinations , audio and visual hulicinations at 1st but now mainly just kinda like mild skitzophrinic episodes and confusion normaly when her fevers up.)

I honestly dont know what to do the dr is now telling us that 99-100 is not a high fever and saying perhaps its mental issuses but what about when it was 101 and all. He just cant find the problem and I honestly dont think itll go away its been around 6 weeks now from the start.

Any suggestions on what it could be after 3 E.R. and 2 dr visites youd think they would know but our health care is very bad in my town.

I honestly dont know what to do her mental state seems to be worsening and thats the only symptom other then the low fever. Well and a rash now on necka dn back but that coul be from all the meds.

Any help or suggestions at all would be greatly apreciated thanks