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Thread: Enemeez and AD

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    Enemeez and AD

    I used to use generic docusate sodium suppositories and switched to Enemeez Plus. I've used them 4 time now and I'm getting AD from them. My face and forehead sweat though the whole process. I never had this problem with suppositories. I noticed the Enemeez applicator nozzles is very long, should it really be shoved 3 inchs into the rectum? Could this be the problem.
    Shouldn't this stuff just be working on the anus muscle and not way up in the rectum. btw i used to use theravac with no problem.
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    I used magic bullets for 17 yrs.
    Tried enemeez one time & never again.
    AD & sick as a dog.
    Back to magic bullets.

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    Then go back to what you rwere using. They work by stimulating the peristalsis, maybe too much stimulation for you.

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