I know Ive been reading alot of problems with the bp latley.Im a t-8 complete since 4/21/06 at first I had very little accidents for the first year or so.Ive had a bladder aug ,and Im woundering if that may be causing problems since they used part of my intestine to enlarge my bladder.
Ive had a few accidents latley.I was going every other day and it was going fine.Then it seemed to take 1 to 2 hours to go and I would have accidents as soon as I would get in the shower.Also sometimes at night I would crap in my pants too.
It used to only take an hour at the most now its rediculous.
I had my last accident thursday,so I waited untill sunday morning(today) to try and go,but I was on the toilet for 2 hours and hrdly anything?Im using 1 magic bullet with som dig stem and srinking coffe to help.Ive been eating alot why wont it come out and why is it taking so damn long?
Also I have some pressure sores that I belive I got from tranfering or maybey the toilet seat.
When I sit on the toilet that long (2 hours) my sores bleed and that cant be good.Please help!!Is ther somthing I can drink to make my bp faster so I dont bleed to death while sitting on the toilet?