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Thread: The most lightweight folding wheelchair

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    The most lightweight folding wheelchair

    Anyone have any ideas? I need to get a more compact wheelchair ie a folding one but it always needs to be lightweight for me to lift into a car. Does anyone know of a folding under 19lbs? Thanks!

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    The cool thing is too that Kuschall is selling via direct shipment to the USA and Canada although I dont think they have distributors in either. But they do make a great chair. Check out the R33 on this webpage, pretty cool design.
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    Check out the Tilite TX, should be around the weight of the Kuschall chair JGNI posted, its 12.3 lbs without the rear wheels for a 16x16 chair.
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    I think TiLite makes a folding chair that's around 19 pounds, give or take 1 or 2 pounds.


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