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Thread: Reception of digital cable channels

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    Reception of digital cable channels

    I have a quick question about cable channels. I suddenly lost a few cable channels that I enjoy - TCM, Cartoon Networrk and History Channel. I kept seeing a message recently to the effect that TCM would only be viewable through digital receivers. I wasn't sure what this implied.
    The one set in the house that is directly connected to cable box continues to get these channels.
    Will I have to get a box for each TV now? We have two new Westinghouse LCD models that I assumed were cable ready.

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    The answer is yes, if the programs are on the digital tier you will need a digital box for all your tvs even if they are cable ready.Most companies are switching everything to digital.

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    If you're American, you can get 2, $40 coupons to get the boxes. Base model box is actually $40 bucks.

    All TV is going Digital, hencethe 700mhz google phone stuff. Depending on the age, you could have digital tuners, (ATSC/QAM) and you're set.
    My Sharp is 2yrs old and doesn't have digital, but my new one does.

    However, your cable company might encrypt them, so you'd have to get a box to decypt it right now, like miene does.

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    I'm going to have to read up on this stuff.
    If a set has a QAM tuner installed, do you still need th box?

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    NTSC is the analog signal most TV tuners pre-MAR, 2007 TVs
    *ATSC is the digital signal TV tuner in all post-MAR 2007 TVs
    *Not all TVs with an ATSC [digital] tuners have QAM tuners. The manual would specify if the TV set contains a ATSC/QAM tuner.

    The CECB [Coupon Eligible Converter Box] only contains an ATSC tuner.

    If you are a cable or satellite customer, the from what I understand, the cable/satellite supplies the box which has an ATSC/QAM tuner. Satellite receiver boxes are already receiving a digital signal that it converts to analog. I assume cable service as well. (There is still analog cable to many areas).

    The signal sent via satellite or cable to whatever TV year/model is not necessarily the same digital you would receive over-the-air. The problem and confusion comes in when it involves HDTV. If the channel one has been receiving goes "HD" then it could all-of-a-sudden become scrambled unless you pay extra. All broadcasts from Dish Network, for instance, that are in HD are extra and not in their standard packages. I assume cable is no different.

    FYI: D-N charges $6 extra for local channels [ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, CW], but not their "sub-channels."
    Those local channels are all broadcasting in digital. I watch my local channels via an antenna in digital and all their sub-channels. Like my CBS channel 7.1 digital has a 7.2 digital called "My Network." The satellite local channel package does not contain the digital sub-channels.

    However, I've read that you can still get the coupons and give them to the cable/satellite company...but that does not make sense as the cable/satellite company is already supplying the box.

    The CECB set-top boxes are ONLY supposed to be for OTA [over the air] terrestrial broadcast signals received by TVs without ATSC tuners via antenna. I have one for my Sony 27" Trinitron TV (circa 1998 model). OTA via my antenna receives terrific digital reception that is very improved definition to the analog signal...I would compare it to watching a DVD.

    1-800-DTV-2009 is the toll-free number to call for you coupons.
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