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Thread: I Think I Have A New Favorite...

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    I Think I Have A New Favorite...

    Movie. No Country For Old Men. I saw it in the theater and knew I had to buy he DVD. Seen it about 8 times now.

    I love the fact that there isn't a second of music throughout, but the character development, inter-character dynamics, and character interaction with the environment makes it almost seem that music would take away, rather than add, to the effect.

    The whole proof of the fact that violence has always been prevalent to man as demonstrated by this movie is very very convincing. Javier Bardem definitely deserved the Oscar he got for this.

    Anybody else like it/hate it? I'd love to hear both positive and negative impressions of this film.

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    That movie f**king rocks!

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    I frickin loved it!! I watched it online about a month ago, and my Dad was pouting cause he hasn't seen it yet.
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