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Thread: Quads playin pool

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    Talking Quads playin pool

    friend n i havin fun on e pool table

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    looks like good times and good friends
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    i used to lean on the table. that's pretty good balance you guys show there. and your bridge looks different from the ones here. i miss pool. it just wasn't much fun for me after accident.

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    Cool! I love shooting pool.

    Cool Green Lantern shirt, by the way.

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    Thumbs up

    Glad to see ya shooting again. Keep at it and you'll get used to it. I made a bridge from an eyebolt and a flat piece of steel a few years ago, to slide onto my cue for long shots, rather than use a bridge on a stick.

    Just made a bridge from a scrap piece of wood and ground a notch in it to hold/guide the cue. Only took a minute to make it, so you guys can get some ideas to make it easier for you to shoot. You might want it to have a hook of some sort to make it easier to carry and place. It works very well and doesn't slide on the table.

    It takes a while to get used to shooting, sitting down. But it is always fun, one of my favorite games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion
    Cool! I love shooting pool.

    Cool Green Lantern shirt, by the way.
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    Ha... ya it was fun!! first time we picked up a cue since we got hurt wont be e last tho Thanks 4 e suggestion capn Gimp, maybe with more practice we'll turn pro
    scorp n van damn, i'll let my friend know u like his t-shirt

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    Hey, this is cool. Just seeing this Aaron. Glad you're having look like you're having a great time

    Great ideas for playing pool, and cool suggestions CapnGuyver!

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    yah! i waz havin fun, cos i won. if i'd lost i'd be really pissed

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