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Thread: Building a New House: Equipment

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    Building a New House: Equipment

    My husband and I are in the process of putting together plans for a new house. Although he is doing great right now, we want to make sure the house accommodates his current and future needs. In reviewing the IRS rules, does any have experience in doing tax write offs for this? Who would be a great coordinator for arranging the equipment?

    We are specifically looking at the kitchen, bathrooms, and elevators. We currently have a chair lift and special ramps that we can take with us. It’s important to us that we get quality equipment that will stand long term usage. Brand names or companies would be great.

    Looking for ideas.

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    It would help to know what his disability is, since it is not in your profile. It is also impossible to recommend contractors or companies without knowing what part of the country (or which country) you are in.

    Why would you build a new multi-story house if he has a mobility impairment? A ranch style would be much more functional and visitable without having the expense of an elevator.


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    Good point!

    He is a T10 & 11. We live in the US and want to have a ranch with a walkout basement. The chair-lift has been great but we want to look at all avenues. We have a friend that has an elevator and are looking at all options.

    Any advise?

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    Uhm... The US has 50 states and covers a lot of land. Could you narrow it down a little bit?

    As a T10/11, he probably wouldn't need a track ceiling lift, but I've seen bathtubs that have doors, and there's lots of advice on here about roll in showers -- doing a search for "bathroom remodel" would probably give you some ideas.
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    I'm pretty sure that if you're building, you are beyond IRS thresholds for writing disability stuff off. Although you might be able to hit up some state agencies for $$ for these things.

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    The IRS states that if your are making certain home modifications to make the home accessible, it can be written as a deduction as a medical expence.
    For example:
    If you are putting in wider doorways, that is ok, zero clearance threshoulds, specialty shower and hardware (grab bars,hand held shower head,ect.) , custom cabinets that have roll in access, autoumatic door openers, window openers,raised outlets, ramping, electric lifts, ect.
    You have to be specific on the actual items though. These cannot be standard things, but more to the needs of accomidation for the taxpayer or dependants. be carefull of things people would consider a 'decorating' option, Like wider hallways, or lower windows.
    The dedeuction is limited to anything over 7.5% of the taxpayers AGI, including all other medical deductions.
    If audited, you must show proof that these items are needed for daily function,and have a Dr. diagnosis backing it up.
    (I've been doing taxes for 10 years, and have run into this stuff before)

    sorry my spelling is bad...I write faster than I think...

    Oh, that is on shed. A under medical by the way.

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    Mag- I just finished our first home since my injury. I'm still dealing with the tax stuff but can offer some advice re equipment. The elevator is pretty easy and surprisingly cheap. With the increase in price on concrete and steel a single level ranch with the larger foot print and foundation will probably cost you more then a elevator. Our 3 stop was $24k done and installed. Not cheap but worth it. It is a Destiny series from National Wheel-o-vator. Spelling might be off but it's close enough for google results. It only requires a 6" pit with no machine room. Bathroom and kitchen design are covered by many sites and there are many threads here with other links. My over all advice is be proactive. Be sure to consider thresholds, sink height, turning radius and access from the get go. It's very expensive to fix problems but cheap to sit down with you builder and work it all out ahead of time. key words for searching via the web are "universal design" "adaptive design" and any variation there in.
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