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Thread: Treatments for thecal sac and neural foraminal stenoses?

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    Treatments for thecal sac and neural foraminal stenoses?

    I have problems moving the entire left side of my body, there seems to be a deterioration in the muscles of my left arm, and the arm tends to spasm slightly occasionally. According to my MRI report there is a central disc bulge but no stenoses at C2/3; a moderate thecal sac stenosis at C3/4, C4/5, C5/6, and C6/7. There is also a moderate narrowing of the neural foramina at C3/4, and the neural foramen on the left at C4/5 and C5/6. There is a mild narrowing on the neural foramen on the right at C4/5 and mild narrowing of the neural foramina at C6/7. These changes are apparantly secondary to the broad-based disc bulge and hypertrophic changes of the uncovertebral joints. It was alos noted that there is mucosal retention cyst formation in the left maxillary sinusitis. The final impression was that "multilevel disc bulges and bony hypertrophic changes" result in "thecal sac and neural foraminal stenoses." I am not sure what exactly this all means so I was hoping for a more pedestrian explanation and suggestions for possible treatments. If possible I would also like to know what kind of doctors I should see about treatments.

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    I am going to move this to the Science and Technology section. It might be a little more helpful to you.

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    Check out cervical spinal stenosis on the web, particularly the NIND sites and webmd. they have good information. You might want to consult with a neurosurgeon too, since it may be that the only thing that will help chronic compression would be be surgery to open up the spaces that the nerves pass through. But I would absolutely exhaust all possible conservative treatments before taking that step. Good luck.
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