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Thread: Has anyone ever tried to contact the dead?

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    Yeah, Thats my email. I've had it forever. I know its silly but I just never felt like changing to a different one. Sorry.

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    I never tried contacting the dead.

    But who knows? Maybe I'll finally get a date --- with a "cold" one.

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    I have already made contact for 2 years when younger, it was to much 4 my parents to handle so they moved me away from that house. from 4 years old to 6, An entity found me only through dreams. I never saw him in reality just in 2 years of reacurring dreams. To much for my P's to handle me screaming everynight VERY affraid to go to bed I knew. we moved house was bought and resold 6 times in 4 years. They all saw him(entity) and got the hell out. I will go back there soon talking to a priest and am setting something up. there is so much more than what i am saying but I will tell you this there are many ways to contact the dead and I am trying and will tap this eventually at least with this guy. One more thing any time you have dream about a loved one that is dead but you dream about them and wake up to remember what they said to you or the conversation you had in your dream, that is really them on another astroplane or relm if you will. When we die it will be like a dream, thats why we dream and can do this. I have undocumented evidence this is true and will prove it soon.

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    The imagination of some humans is astounding.
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    No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tufelhunden View Post
    The imagination of some humans is astounding.
    True, but the lack of perception of some is equally astounding.


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    I tried the board out, but it didn´t work for me. My sis and Mom tried it and they tuned into some bad voodoo that scared the hell out of them. These women are on the level straight shooters, believe me.
    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    Hey if you wanna contact the dead call me. I am living proff that the dead do walk the earth.

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    Might want to try Washington DC
    oh well

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    Really people, this is the 21st century.

    Ouija boards are nothing more than the ideomotor effect (Google it if you don't know) in action.

    If you want to crush your other fantasies, watch Derren Brown demonstrate how to be a medium with no psychic ability. Mediums use innate confirmation needs of desperate people along with classic NLP and cold reading. It's a very learnable skill but not vaguely supernatural.
    Phil C6
    "If you can't explain it to me in less than 10 seconds, it's probably not worth knowing anyway..." - Calvin

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    Satan disguises his demon army so that they can appear as the "spiritual beings or souls" of "dead saints, relatives or friends". Which in turn try to make us believe in Satan’s lies by telling us personal information which were only known by us and the dead relative or friend; or by telling us future events which are known to them through Bible Prophecies, or of future events that they themselves will create!

    rdf you're playing with fire.

    There are evil & good spirits in this world and God's Holy Spirit comes to live in your body to protect you when you give you soul to Jesus. Without this protection evil spirits will enter your body and take it over. Evil spirits are constantly trying to enter and take over our bodies. Even Christians'.
    Good and evil can not live together. So even if you're a Christian and the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you start summoning evil spirits with games, books, etc. and evil spirits enters you, the Holy Spirit will leave. You have free will. If you want evil spirits in you the Holy Ghost will leave. On the other hand Jesus is stronger and when evil spirits try to bother you, enter your body, all you have to do is call on JESUS and they MUST FLEE. It happens to me alot because the devil can't stand strong christians that love Jesus. They do good works for God and the devil hates it.

    Bob, please ask the Holy Spirit to take this desire away from you. To come and dwell in your body. Every time you call on the Holy Spirit he will enter your body and he'll get stronger and stronger. These desires and thoughts will go away and God will keep you safe from these evil spirits. Your soul is in danger! You could lose your salvation and the devil's evil spirits could take you over.

    I will be praying for God's protection for you. You're playing with your's and your love ones' eternity.

    Good for you Betheny. You're blessing your family and protecting them with God's Holy Spirit!.

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