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Thread: colostomy reversal procedure pros and cons

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    colostomy reversal procedure pros and cons

    I recently had colorectal cancer resulting in a ruptured tumor due to radiation and chemo. I suffered greatly almost losing my leg due to the fecal matter that leaked into my thigh resulting in many surgeries to remove the bacteria during an extensive hospital stay in ICU. I originally was supposed to a reversal done and the protocol was to have chemo and radiation first for six weeks, and six weeks of recovery and then the surgery. Due to the emergency during my last week of the recovery period I was airlifted to hospital and the colorectal surgeon who was going to do the reversal surgery did not, I ended up with the colostomy bag due to near death. He now wants to do reversal. Has anyone out there had this procedure and would you recommend it or stay with the colostomy bag for life? Appreciate any personal imput.

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    i got mine voluntarily, and would reverse it for NO reason i can think of.....

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    Do you have an SCI? It makes a big difference inthe answer.
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    I had a colostomy because of a flap surgery I had. When the flap healed, the doc reversed the colostomy. No problems at all.

    Do you really want to wear a bag of crap on your belly for the rest of your life? I didn't, and I'm glad he reversed it.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.

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    If the colostomy is making life easier for you and you are comfortable with it, then I would suggest that for the time being, you keep it. If it is a problem for you, difficult to manage or you are uncomfortable with it, get it reversed. You don't have to have it done right now- it can be done later.

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    i have got the chance to have my colostomy reversed and im terrified it will be as uncontrolable as the bag has been.please let me know if you have had a reversal and did life go back to normal, i had mine due to ovarian cancer.

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    I had a colostomy due to bowel disease and had it reversed. Life did go back to "normal". I am not sure what I would do in your position - the bag was an issue for me since I was a newly wed at the time and although my husband said he didn't care, I did.

    It is a personal decision and I hope that this helps a little.


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