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    i did a search but only found stuff from 2006.

    the latest thing i'm trying is topamax.

    chelle, you still on it? any others?

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    yep, I'm still on it, still working great...taking 100mg 2x/day on the occasional bad day I'll take an additional 50 or 100mg. any ?'s just ask...
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    how bout your appetite? i gotta watch that as i have lost weight like crazy due to undiagnosed abdominal pain last 3 yrs. never weighed much anyway.

    am starting only on 25mg topamax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    how bout your appetite? i gotta watch that as i have lost weight like crazy due to undiagnosed abdominal pain last 3 yrs. never weighed much anyway.

    am starting only on 25mg topamax.
    I take 50 Mg twice a day, and I have not notice anything with my appetite.My Dr did tell me that I, would not have much of a appetite, but it has never happened in the 3 years that I have been on it.
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    I take it as well. no effect on my appetite - no weight loss or gain. the only problem I have is that I can't sleep as well since I started it. I use to sleep through the night and now I wake every couple hours and sometimes have trouble going back to sleep. also, some things taste funny - like diet coke and licorice are the main 2 things that taste competely wrong.
    overall though it is the best thing I have tried for my nerve pain.

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    Topamax - No help here

    Hi Cass,
    I just signed up on this site today and saw a post you had last year asking what do you do when the pain is unbearable? Before I get on that I also wanted to say I was on topamax for over a year, and it simply did absolutely nothing for me but everyone is different and I pray you find relief.

    I am a 46 year old Pharmaceutical Executive (I know, let the jokes fly ) with severe pain radiating from my cervical and lumbar region. I had C-4, 5 & 6 spinal fusion surgery in 2002. The pain, which had been radiating to the left side of my back and down my arm, lessened significantly but returned in 2004 to baseline. MRI & Mylegram reveals bulging & herniated discs above and below the fused area. I began experiencing pain in my lower right back, hip and thigh last Sept. MRI shows bulging, herniated and a TORN disc in L-4, 5 & 6. The pain is absolutely unbearable, and some days I too pray for death. I have a wonderful wife and 5 incredible kids and I could never do that to them, so what do I do? I just bear it and pray to God to please take it away. Recently I was taking Oxycontin ER 80 mg bid and have 10 mg Percocet for break-through pain. I also take Cymbalta for depression and it also possesses nerve pain reduction qualities. I have also had 2 spinal injections in the past 4 weeks. This regimen was not working, so I asked my PCP last Friday 3/28 to switch me from Oxy to Opana. Endo's website has a coversion chart indicating that Opana is roughly 2x as potent as Oxy so I went on 40 mg Opana bid. All it has done is make me sleepy , given rise to thunderous headaches , and as for pain relief, I feel like I am taking placebo. First I do not believe the conversion chart is correct, and second, I plan to call my doctor in a day or two (I will give Opana a fair 5 day trial) to get switched back to Oxycontin.

    Unfortunately, chronic severe pain is a way of life and what irritates me the most is the overly conservative approach MD's take when treating. Also, there are numerous "illegal" drugs that can help us and increase our quality of life but do we run the risk of being arrested? Not for seeking the "ultimate buzz" or getting high, but simply to live a relatively normal life. I have worked in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research industries for 22 years and I can honestly report from the front lines that our healthcare and clinical R&D systems in this country are the most corrupt, inept and completely convoluted of any known to mankind.

    Hang in there, my dear, and may our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ free you from the shackles of this terrible pain in your body.

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    michael, it always saddens me to hear of another suffering from pain. so far, in my life, pain is the biggest disabler of them all. it robs one of practically everything. i am afraid of the pain getting worse (as it is).

    practically nobody, except those in pain, want to talk or hear about it (so i don't much). it's a hard thing to understand. i'm constantly being asked "you're in pain? you don't act like it" on the few times the subject has come up with ab friends. well, what is acting like it? screaming all day for 22 yrs?

    and, of course, now on medical loa, my short term disability wants all kinds of proof. how does one prove pain? it can be extremely disheartening.

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    My doc prescribed the topo this month. We were on catastrophic-only health insurance for one month, this one, due to having to switch ins. companies blahblah. I asked my Dr. if the Topo was expensive, was told no. Imagine my surprise to be told at the pharmacy, a month's worth was $400! I told them to keep it, I'd try it next month.

    I hope it helps you Cass. This pain is a terrible thing.

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    oh geez, beth...i'm on samples...dunno if my ins. covers it. so far, no relief anyway. but, ya know, short term dis ins can't even decide if i'm truly dis or fakin it anyway so..... f em. sorta....i've pretty much decided i can't do it any more. NOW they want me to talk to voc rehab HA. 2 degrees, 27 yrs working as an engineer, 21 as a quad in pain....ummmmmm, i don't think so.
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    I'm on topomax, I take 3 at night before bed so I can sleep (even though I'm supposed to take them seperately... I can't be bothered. lol) I have a loss of appetite, but no real fluctuation in weight from the medication itself (I'm still trying to shed my neurontin pounds) It doesn't work that great but nothing does. I find it has the least side effects of any of the other medications for nerve pain, and it's the only med I take other than 1 bladder regulating med.

    I just deal with the nerve pain the rest of the time. The side effects were so bad with everything that I finally just quit them all (slowly/according to Dr.s orders) I'll take a hit of herb now and then when it gets too rough, but that's it.
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