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    i have exp. 2 episodes of frightening vertigo recently while turning over in bed. is this more common in sci? is it likely to get worse? is it just an inner ear deal that is unrelated to sci?

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    You don't say how long you have been injured, but in looking at the join date, it appears for awhile. My guess is that it's not the sci, but something else, probably inner ear. However, if your injury is high enough, vertigo (or dizziness) can occur. Any signs of infection or upper respiratory symptoms?

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    I don;t know Cass, but when I am turning back and forth to get dressed, there is a certain "spot" in the turn if I flip too far? where I sometimes get very dizzy. I have noticed this several times. It passes when I flip back.
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    i have been injured 22 yrs. have had 2 episodes of vertigo in 3 months, both while rolling over in bed. scared the crap outta me. i didn't even know to call it vertigo until it happened 2 days ago and i did some searching.

    the first time, i called 911, and they took me to ER. they said dehydration (i'd been sick and told them i almost fainted). this time, no sickness, just my usual rolling over and the room went spinning. so i started investigating and vertigo matches exactly. headache, moving my head, rolling over.

    so. can this happen to me driving? is it more prevalent in sci?

    am c7, btw. no other signs of infection or illness.

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    Yes, it can happen again. Usually the dizziness that occurs as a result of a spinal cord injury happens early after the injury- not later on. Some people consistently have it every morning when they get up- others are able to get past it.
    Vertigo tends to happen as we age and our body is unable to accomodate quite as quickly. It also occurs as a result of inner ear problems.


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    How ironic that you post this now... This happened to me last week for the first time in my life. I'm AB and it happened rolling over in bed, when getting out of the shower and bending over to put hair in the towel, i even fell over when i bent down to pick something up off the floor. In 4 days time, I had about 3-4 episodes a day, all related to certain posistions my head was in at the time. Never happened while driving or otherwise sitting up straight.

    My sister-in-law is an ENT (in another state) and told me that it sounded like vertigo and should go away in a few days, if not see an ENT (ear, nose & throat specialist). She said a reg family dr. might blow it off as an inner-ear infection and put me on antibiotics unneccessarily. It did clear up and no more dizziness in the last week.

    Hope this helps..
    AB, Husband is c5-6 inc quad, 25 years post injury.

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    I have this occasionally, though I've only been injured for 1 1/2 years. I always assumed it was medication. It usually happens when I'm lying down, and I turn my head quickly up or to the side. It passes after a few seconds. Though I'm not driving yet, I too wonder what would happen if I got vertigo while driving. Once it happened when I was riding in a van, and I braced for impact because it felt just like the van was tipping over!

    However, knowing what it feels like, I think I'd be able to handle it better if I was driving. I know it hasn't reduced my desire to get behind the wheel again!

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    About 6 years ago I woke up with dizziness/queasiness. (The room spun when I turned my head at all - especially to the right side).
    After 3 days when I could finally get up to see my doctor - he felt it was labyrinthitis. I've since had a couple more episodes although much milder.

    The first one especially was very disturbing.

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    well, from just my 2 experiences, if this happens while driving i'm in trouble. the onset is w/o warning and total disorientation was my experience. but, the searching i've done has indicated rolling over in bed and head movement are major causes. also talked to a couple who have suffered from this. being in bed seems to be where it tends to occur. i definitely will be talking to my doc and she'll prob send me to an ENT. i sure don't like this! scared every time i turn over now. thx all.

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