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Thread: 11-year old girl dies of diabetic ketoacidosis while parents prayed for 30 days

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    Well "heaven" forbid any of the three remaining children require life-saving medical intervention. Judging by the past couple millennia, the parents' beliefs will pass on to the remaining children, who might someday in the future act the same towards their own offspring, and the brainwashing of youngsters who are not given the true opportunity to discover their own natural and inherent beliefs goes on and on and on...

    This girl's death is just so plainly sad, it's disheartening.
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    I did a bit of googling, out of curiosity. I'm intrigued because hypothetically at least, the govt. takes your kids away if you're bone-stupid, or drugged, or have some other judgment problem that might endanger them. Yet this religion, taken to this degree, is clearly a judgment-altering condition that endangered this poor girl but her siblings remain at home.

    A few other religious groups that limit medical care:

    Congregants of Church of Christ, Scientist, along with members of other, smaller sects, including the Followers of Christ Church and the General Assembly and Church of the First Born.

    In 6 states (AR, DE, IA, OH, OR, and WV) additional laws are on the books that prevent charges of criminal homicide or manslaughter being laid against parents and guardians.

    In 1994, Minnesota passed a law which requires parents or guardians to alert child protection services if they have withheld medical treatment and that their children were endangered by their decision. No parent or guardian has ever reported under this law.

    Colorado has a law which states that parents or guardians who withhold medical
    treatment on religious grounds can't be held liable for harm to a child as long as the faith-healing treatments used are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and by major insurers.[ The IRS? Isn't that a bizarre choice? ] Christian Science treatments are so recognized. A state legislative committee is considering whether to initiate a bill to eliminate the exemption. Between 1990 and 2000, similar exemptions have been repealed in five states (OR, SD, HI, MD & MA).

    By 2002, 38 states have laws that permit parents to reject medical treatment for their children in favor of faith healing. However, in most of those states, the law specifies that if a child's condition is life-threatening, then a physician must be consulted. 5

    A British law requires parents to seek medical help for their children, if the child's condition does not improve after 72 hours of non-medical treatment.

    The bit in italics is mine.
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    Thank you for expanding on my examples, Betheny. JWs do not allow blood transfusions, even if your life is threatened.

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    Todd, I was aware that JW's and some other denominations didnt allow blood transfusions, for example, although I don't know any other specifics. But it's still a real leap of imagination from not allowing a blood transfusion to withholding care entirely (for all intents and purposes) for a whole month. And while Betheny made a good point about the state getting its nose in family business, there naturally has to be some middle ground. This is just way, way out there....


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    It was simply medically, physically, and emotional neglectful. I can only guess that it is psychologically damaging to the other children. It doesn't surprise me that the family had in recent years moved, and their children were home schooled. This can be a dangerous combination that I have seen before. When I did foster care it was physical and/or sexual abuse children endured. Isolating children from societal norms, and any outside support system, the children are then unaccounted for by any group or affiliate, and rendered helpless. I believe the parents thought they were doing what was right. I also believe that we as a society have a moral obligation to protect those that can't protect themselves, regardless of spiritual or religious convictions.
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    This is sickening and terrifying. These sort of things happen way too often... sad in the 21st century...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young

    Is it not also the fault of people or religious who teach people that all they have to do is pray and a miracle will happen? The power of prayer, people say. I cannot imagine that this mother wanted her daughter to die. She obviously believed to the depth of her being that God would save her child. Finally, I want to point out that she has three other children who are presumably being home-schooled as well.

    Well Dr. Wise the child is dead..after 30 days of most likely symptoms that would send most parents..even devote worshipers to the ER.

    The parents reported this child had not seen an MD since she was three years old. Did she have all of her vaccines? This is a problem with home schooling..every child that enters the public school system is required to show proper vaccination records. SO..somebody is going to have to go around and check on the home schoolers. Sure they don't go to school but they go to church and parks and stores and who knows where.

    They prayed for a month. Maybe God was at a basketball game watching all the athletes fall to their knees when they make a play thanking Jesus Christ..who the hell knows. These parents asked..they were told NO so move on.
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    Praying parents other three kids removed
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom92
    To me, it's no different if the parents shot her with a gun. It's murder, and they shouldn't be able to hide behind there religion as a defense.

    I'd be willing to bet if this family has a pet dog that was wounded or ill, they'd bring it to the vet.

    A real sad story.

    I TOTALLY agree. I think that they should be charged with second degree murder or at least manslaughter. I am a type 1 diabetic and have been in DKA a couple times when I was younger. I mean, what kind of parents would let one child die from a fairly manageble illness and still be allowed to keep other children in the home. Thats ridiculous.

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    Good news the other children have been removed. And hopefully given complete physicals.

    These parents and so many of the prayer for cure crowd always use the reason that they didn't have enough faith..or not enough people were praying etc.

    In the New Testament. And they are Christian so are praying to Jesus Christ..Jesus DID cure people. These people didn't have faith in him because they were not Christians they were Jews. Lazarus was a Jew.
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