On Easter Sunday my sister (46) was life flighted to the Cleveland Clinic with a suspected brain aneurysm. She was complaining of a serious headache - which is not normal for her (fantastic health, no smoking, no hypertension, etc.) By Sunday evening they had preformed a angiography - the plan was to find the aneurysm and decide how to proceed with surgery on Monday. After the angiography the doctors said they had the best possible results - - no aneurysm. However, she does have blood in her cerebrospinal fluid - - which is draining. The doctor's said something about it "healing" itself?
Since the incident on Sunday she has stepped down from ICU and had all of her IV's out. On Wed. she had a MRI which was "clear". Although she is medicated - she said her extremities feel fine - but she has a terrible headache (probably from the catheter and the angiography?)

From the incident she only remembers the headache and seeing bright brown circle of lights. Other than the pain medicine she is acting normal.

My parents and I are just looking for some direction. I am several hundred miles away so I am unable to help my parent understand. Can something "heal" itself? What can the blood be caused by? What happened?