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Thread: Happiness

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    you gotta live your life. You can't immolate yourself on the pyre of his SCI and I'm sure he doesn't want you to. I'd rather die than think I was requiring that
    speaking only for myself, that makes sense and fits with our experience.

    i'm one of those who was married for a long time before the injury came to our lives, and i can tell you it does suck to have this meaningless chasm open up between who you are as a family and who you used to be.

    having said that, it was always clear to me that figuring out how to hold onto myself--my sass and my weird little joys especially--was going to be a big part of what kept the marriage and the family going.

    he had enough loss of his own to face without having to be responsible for mine as well, and i know he would have hated to think that i let his injury wreck anything that could be salvaged. so i struggle to keep the guilt-motivated decisions to a minimum.

    know what i feel guiltiest about? our very uneven ability to enjoy--you know, that. i would give up a lot to be even there again.

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    amen i am single 57 c6c7 i miss my life . but.. am so blessed to be as indepentent as i am but.... it sucks i am indoors now where i use to be out.
    but its what i can/t change but ...

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