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Thread: Blood Clots!! Help Please

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    Blood Clots!! Help Please

    Night before last I turn in bed and I pulled my catheter accidentally and it hurt some but wasn’t to bad and in the morning the night bag was red like a red wine. I put on my
    Belly bag and went to work. Later that day it looked like dark tea.
    When I got home from work I removed my catheter and there were blood clots coming out and my catheter was plugged. There were clots on the end of it and I passed some more large ones. Left the catheter out during the night and I’m still passing at least one large blood clot every time I go pee. I didn’t think I had pulled the catheter that bad because it didn’t hurt to bad. Do you think I’m having these clots because of the pulling?
    I’m catheterized because I have no feeling in my bladder, and at night I have to get up by a alarm every hour to empty. If I don’t the spasms are so bad and last for days and my brain doesn’t talk to my bladder to tell it is empty. I’m still seeing a little red on the tissue
    when I wipe and blood clots. I really don’t want to call the Dr. if this is normal thing when you have yanked on your catheter. You have to wait some times up to 4 hours to get in. and then he doesn’t really say anything. He is a really good Dr.

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    You probably did a little more damage than you realized, especially if you don't have sensation. Since this has gone on (and the description you give is pretty clear), for more than a few hours, I would do the following things:

    1. DRINK a lot of clear liquids, especially water.
    2. Call your doc- you can get a uti from the damage and you don't want that.
    3. You don't mention how your spasms are or your level of injury. If your spasms are bad from the urine in your bladder, you might want to try to put the cath back in- are you at risk for AD?

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