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Thread: seat width

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    seat width

    Is it best to have a narrow seat width so that you sit tight between your wheels or to have a bit of space each side to be able to swing your body a bit, provide leverage, etc. ? As C5/6, I like to hook my arms behind the push-handles for balance and also to stretch my arms. My range would be limited if the seat/back width was too narrow. However, does extra space compromise pushing ability? Which option is best?

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    Having too wide a chair will compromise pushing ability. I have had a problem though with chairs too tight. One problem I ran into were removable side guards that couldn't be tightened enough - I would wind up pushing these into the tires, would drive me nuts! I would strip nuts/allen screws trying too tighten the side panels so they could not move. The trick is to pick correct side guards/armrests and right width. I worry about too wide being bad for your shoulders, orther joints.

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    A seat that is too narrow also puts you at risk for trochanter pressure ulcers.

    If you have to hook an arm for balance, your chair may not be properly set up as far as its configuration (dump, back height, seat length, etc.). The chair also needs to be set up for proper pushing mechanics or you put your shoulders at risk.

    Too wide not only makes your pushing mechanics wrong, it also of course limits the spaces you can get into and the doorways you can get through and your turning radius.

    Have you had a good seating evaluation?


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