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Thread: how does this "9 month work trial period work with ssdi?

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    how does this "9 month work trial period work with ssdi?

    Anyone had expierience with it? Maybe point me to a government/state (fl.) website that expains it or a previous thread would be cool too.. thanks
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    I googled, hope this helps:
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    look to the first sticky on this page, the ssa redbook.

    and remember, ssdi is federal, not subject to state laws. in other words, the 9 month trial work period and the other ssdi rules (you can work and get ssdi given you earn under significant gainful activity, which i believe is now $900/month or your work related expenses get you under the 900) do not vary state to state.
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    The Ticket to Work program has not been implemented in all states yet though, even though it is a federal program.


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    ticket to work program


    The ticket to work program is available in Florida. The people to contact are at the Florida Division of Vocational Rehab. They can be accessed through your state government website under disability services. They use a number of state as well as private contractors (almost like employment agencies) to help you find work, or prepare for work or school. Some of them are better than others, so choose very very wisely. Best to stick with official state programs in my opinion. In my state they will help with some of the expenses to get you to the place you want to be. for example, a bus pass, phone or other things including clothing. but only the bare necessities that are required, nothin fancy. The vocational rehab way is not going to throw you out into the work world unprepared, so it takes time and nothing happens overnite. It could in fact, take months. But it is better to be prepared with a better chance of success in the long run. Best of luck to you.
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    thanks..uguys rock. iwoulda just googled i but i didnt know the exact name.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    The Ticket to Work program has not been implemented in all states yet though, even though it is a federal program.

    i don't think the ticket to work program has anything to do with the trial 9 month work period. the trial 9 month work period, in my exp. and reading, is federal. its terms are clearly spelled out in the ssa links on the links on this thread good luck, baron. use the redbook at every local ssa office. from exp., i can tell you, the local ssa employees are not educated on it.
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    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply they were the same, but the intent for both is the same. Trial work periods are available in all states, but Ticket to Work only in some.


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    baron, if you return to work, then your SSDI checks will continue for 12 full months, not 9. Good luck.
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    and then.....ssdi gors away?100 percet? forever? what i i stop working or cant.
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    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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